F. Forrest Gabriels, MD, PC


Christopher Forrest Gabriels, MD





F. Forrest Gabriels MD, PC

Christopher F. Gabriels MD
960 Western Ave
Albany, NY 12203

Phone: (518) 482 4459







Dr. F. Forrest Gabriels, ophthalmologist, seated on his doctor's chair.

(2006 Aug 9)



Forrest "Gabe" Gabriels seated on his drummer's chair, proving that 

talented people are often skilled at more than one endeavor.  (2006 Aug 11)



Christopher Gabriels, ophthalmologist  (2006 Sep 7).



Doctors F. Forrest Gabriels & Christopher F. Gabriels relaxing at the 

Fountain Restaurant, Albany, NY.  Gabe (left) was between sets on this evening 

when he was drummer for Skip Parsons' Riverboat Jazz Band.  (2006 Aug 11) 




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    Skip Parsons, Don LaVoie & Forrest Gabriels

    With Sam Ponder



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