Skip Parsons' Riverboat Jazz Band -

Jerry Gordon, guest


by Cliff Lamere    16 Feb 2006




Photos by Cliff Lamere

At the Fountain Restaurant, 283 New Scotland Ave., Albany, NY. 



Jerry Gordon  - washboard



Yes, Jerry, you were good, even if you do say so yourself.

I hope the unruly crowd didn't offend you when so many of

them began pointing at the Exit sign behind you.

(2006 Feb 10)



                       (2006 Feb 10)

This photo was taken two minutes before the one above.  At the end of the set, I asked Skip Parsons 

what he had been contemplating so seriously.  Was it world affairs, or religion, or, perhaps, 

the state of the economy?  "No," he said, "it was something more important than those things.  

I was trying to figure out how to keep this guy from doing an encore."


You'll have to forgive Jerry for the look that he's giving the lady at the back table.  

Frankly, I think she was pretty nervy.  I overheard her yell, "Hey, Buster!  

You could make just as much racket with five thimbles as you do with six.  

Could I have one to use on my husband's socks?"

How rude, especially since it was right in the middle of his solo.


Rich Skrika (keyboard) may look a bit confused in the background.  

That's because when it became apparent that Jerry was playing in a "lost key", 

Rich started counting his keys to see if he had an extra one.



                     (2006 Feb 10)

I have to give Jerry a lot of credit, though.

Even when the bartender put out almost every light in the house, 

he didn't miss a beat.  Never let it be said that Jerry could take a hint.


Oh, well.  At least, all's well that ends well.  As the old proverb says, Silence is Golden.

Yet...... I can still hear that clickety-clack, and some days I can't keep my feet from tapping out that washboard rhythm.

Do you suppose that I'm infected with something?


Hope to see you again soon, Jerry.



                     (2006 Feb 10)

Skip Parsons, Rich Skrika, Eddy Kebabjian, and Jerry Gordon (L-R)




When I wrote to Jerry to see if he might be offended by the comments above, he wrote back to say:


"THAT'S THE MOST INSULTING WEBPAGE I'VE EVER SEEN!!  Please feel free to use it as is."



Jerry Gordon is webmaster of A Place For Jazz and also

 Swingtime (a magazine serving New York State's Capital Region)



See Jerry Gordon in photos taken at the Clifton Park, NY Elks Club

Jerry Gordon at Brunswick Greens (2004)